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LXII LE-035 – Waterways Policing




Police Services Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.P.15, as amended, ss. 31(1)(c), 19(1)2. 

Adequacy and Effectiveness of Police Services, O. Reg. 3/99, s. 15.

It is the policy of the Toronto Police Services Board with respect to waterways policing that:

  1. The Chief of Police will establish procedures and processes for the provision of police services with respect to all navigable bodies and courses of water within the municipality of the City of Toronto as designated by the Minister of The Solicitor General; and
  2. The Chief of Police will ensure that Members involved in waterways policing have the knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform the specialized functions connected with waterways policing.

adequacy standards, law enforcement