Overview of By-laws for Deputations

Prior to making a deputation to the Board, members of the public should be aware of the rules set out in the Board's Procedural By-law governing such deputations. Among other rules, the Procedural By-law contains the following requirements for deputations:

  • Deputations are limited to five minutes or the time limit specified by the Board;
  • Deputants are to keep their comments focussed on the agenda item they are speaking to;
  • Comments about the conduct of a police officer or members  of the Toronto Police Service or staff are not permitted, and Deputants are not permitted to name individual police officers, members of the Toronto Police Service or staff in their deputations;
  • Deputants must take a tone that is respectful and not use offensive words or language in making their deputation.

While the Board welcomes the continued input of deputants, the Board also has processes in place to ensure that it functions as an effective governance body. These processes, which are enshrined in the Procedural By-law, have been established to ensure Board meetings are efficient and effective and allow for the contribution of submissions by members of the public in a respectful and orderly manner.

Should a deputation continue in violation of the rules in the Procedural By-law, the Chair may rule that the deputation is concluded and/or take steps to adjourn, recess or suspend the meeting as necessary.

Under the Procedural By-law, a person making a deputation may not disobey a decision of the Chair and must immediately withdraw where the Chair has ruled a deputation is concluded.

After a deputation, Board members may ask questions for clarification to the deputant.  The Board reminds all deputants that the Procedural By-Law state that members of the Board will not enter into debate with the person making the deputation. 

The Board believes that public consultation and input is critical to effective oversight and will continue to facilitate such input. The Board appreciates the public's co-operation with respect to the rules surrounding deputations and decorum at all Board meetings.

The above provides just a brief overview of some of the rules and policies that may apply to deputants.  For a complete version of the Procedural By-law and other Board policies, please visit the Board's website at http://www.tpsb.ca/meetings/making-a-deputation.


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