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Board Mandate

Sections 37-39 of the Community Safety and Policing Act define the role and duties of the Board.

The primary role of the Board is to ensure that adequate and effective policing is provided within Toronto.

The Chief of Police is responsible for administering the police service and overseeing its operation in accordance with the objectives, priorities and policies established by the Board.

Distinguishing an "operational" matter that falls outside the Board's jurisdiction from general management and policy matters that fall within the Board's jurisdiction lies at the heart of the relationship between the Board and the Service. Section 40(4) of the Community Safety and Policing Act is intended to prevent direct Board interference in the actual policing function but not to prevent the Board from making decisions governing the structure and environment in which those policing functions occur, or from making decisions that may affect operations.

The Chief is authorized to make all operational decisions which are consistent with the governing law and Board policy. The Board, by revising its policies, may alter the scope of the Chief's responsibilities.

The Chief of Police reports to the Board as a whole and is not accountable to any one or group of Board members. The Board has the authority to give orders and direction to the Chief of Police, but not to other members of the Service. The Board shall not direct the Chief with respect to specific operational decisions or with respect to day-to-day operations of the Service.