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LI LE-024 – Intimate Partner Violence Occurrences


Annual Report


Police Services Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.P.15, as amended, s. 31(1)(c).

Adequacy & Effectiveness of Police Services, O. Reg. 3/99, s. 12(1)(d).

It is the policy of the Toronto Police Services Board that:

  1. The Chief of Police will develop and maintain procedures and processes for undertaking and managing investigations into intimate partner violence occurrences that address:
    1. communications and dispatch;
    2. initial response;
    3. enhanced investigative procedures;
    4. the mandatory laying of charges where there are reasonable grounds to do so, including in cases where there is a breach of a bail condition, probation, parole or restraining order;
    5. the use of a risk indicators tool;
    6. children at risk;
    7. high-risk cases and repeat offenders;
    8. occurrences involving members of the Service;
    9. post-arrest procedures;
    10. victim assistance; and
    11. safety planning;
  2. The Chief of Police will implement one or more of the models set out in Ministry guidelines for the investigation of domestic occurrences, and ensure that the Service includes among its Members trained intimate partner violence investigators;
  3. The Chief of Police will ensure that officers and other appropriate Members receive the appropriate Ministry accredited training;

Victim Assistance

  1. The Chief of Police will, in partnership with the local Crown Attorney, Probation and Parole Services, Victim/Witness Assistance Program (VWAP), Victim Crisis and Referral Service (VCARS), municipalities, local Children’s Aid Societies and other local service providers and community representatives responsible for issues related to intimate partner violence including women’s shelters, work to establish and maintain one or more intimate partner violence review committees that cover the geographic area of the City of Toronto;
  2. In developing procedures and processes addressing victim assistance, the Chief of Police will consult and establish partnerships with the City of Toronto and community organizations, with the goal of ensuring that victims of domestic violence and intimate partner violence have access to supports and resources to reduce immediate and future harms;

Evaluation and Reporting

  1. The Chief of Police will ensure that the Service’s response to intimate partner violence occurrences are monitored and evaluated; and
  2. The Chief of Police will include in the Annual Report:
    1. Statistics and trends on intimate partner violence occurrences; and
    2. Evidence on the effectiveness of the Service’s response to intimate partner violence occurrences, including through partnerships with the City of Toronto and other stakeholders.

adequacy standards, law enforcement, investigation of crimes