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XXIV ER-007 – Ground Search for Lost Persons or Missing Persons




Police Services Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.P.15, as amended, s. 31(1)(c).

Adequacy & Effectiveness of Police Services, O. Reg. 3/99, s. 27.

It is the policy of the Toronto Police Services Board that:

  1. The Chief of Police will develop procedures on ground search for any required searches used in policing the City of Toronto, including search for lost or missing persons;
  2. The Chief of Police will promote, through partnerships with other emergency service providers and/or volunteer groups, assistance and co-ordination of ground search services within the City of Toronto; and
  3. The Chief of Police will ensure that search coordinators and team leaders have the knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform these functions.

adequacy standards, emergency response