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XIX ER-001 – Preliminary Perimeter Control and Containment




Police Services Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.P.15, as amended, s. 31(1)(c).

Adequacy & Effectiveness of Police Services, O. Reg. 3/99, ss. 21, 22, 24(2), 25(2)(a), 25(3).

It is the policy of the Toronto Police Services Board that:

  1. The Chief of Police will provide preliminary perimeter control and containment by using Service members in a containment team, tactical unit or as otherwise required;
  2. The Chief of Police will establish procedures on preliminary control and containment that address:
    1. the circumstances in which preliminary perimeter control and containment will be established;
    2. operational responsibility for an incident where preliminary perimeter control and containment is being established;
    3. the deployment of other emergency response services, including receiving assistance from other agencies;
    4. the duties of an officer involved in the establishment of preliminary perimeter control and containment, including compliance with the requirement of section 22(3) of the Adequacy Standards Regulation, pending the deployment of a tactical unit; and
    5. the training of officers in preliminary perimeter control and containment; and
  3. The Chief of Police will develop and maintain a manual on containment team services that addresses:
    1. the selection process for members of the team, including ensuring that members who provide this service meet the requirements of the Adequacy Standards Regulation;
    2. the equipment to be used/available to the members of the team in accordance with the Ministry’s designated equipment and facilities list; and
    3. the ongoing training of members of the team.

adequacy standards, emergency response