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XVI AI-017 – Acoustic Hailing Devices




Police Services Act, R.S.O. 1990 c.P.15, as amended, s. 31(1)(c)

Equipment and Use of Force, R.R.O. 1990/926 s. 16 (1)-16 (5)

This chapter is intended to assist the Chief in establishing appropriate procedures that ensure that long-range acoustic hailing devices are used only for the purpose of communicating and, further, that they are used in a way that minimizes risk to the public and that is in compliance with Ontario’s occupational health and safety legislation.

It is the policy of the Toronto Police Services Board that with respect to long-range acoustic hailing devices the Chief of Police will:

  1. Establish procedures regarding the use of long-range acoustic hailing devices based on recommendations about the devices per section 16(1)(c) of the Equipment and Use of Force Regulation; and
  2. Ensure that long-range acoustic hailing devices will only be used in accordance with procedures that set out the training, supervisory, operating and reporting requirements for their deployment.

adequacy standards, administration and infrastructure, special events, equipment and uniform, health and safety