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Toronto Police Service Board Announces Launch of Public Consultation on New Public Order Policy

Toronto Police Service Board Announces Launch of Public Consultation on New Public Order Policy
June 28, 2024


Today, the Toronto Police Service Board (Board) launched a public consultation initiative related to the development of a new Board Policy dealing with public order.

Ontario Regulation 392/23: Adequate and Effective Policing (General) made under the Community Safety and Policing Act, 2019 (Act), requires, among other things, that all police service boards establish a policy on police action in respect of protests, demonstrations and occupations.

The policing of protests, demonstrations and occupations poses a complex and delicate challenge, as the Toronto Police Service (Service) is required to respect the constitutional rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly of all people, while also ensuring community safety and preserving the peace. Due to the unique complexity and considerable public interest in this matter, the Board is seeking the public’s input on the overriding principles and key elements that should be a part of this policy.

Under the Act, the Board must ensure the provision of adequate and effective policing, and establish policies dealing with the administration of the Service.

Notably, the Board is restricted from establishing policies with respect to specific investigations, the conduct of specific operations, or the management or discipline of specific police officers. In addition, the Board may not direct the actions of any Service Member other than the Chief of Police.

In light of these requirements and operational prohibitions, the Board’s Public Order Policy is intended to:

  • Set the priorities for the Service in the area of policing protests, demonstrations and occupations, and;
  • Direct the Chief in establishing procedures that support the Service’s police officers in executing their lawful duties in a manner that meets the expectations and values of the community.

The Board values input from the public on this crucial element of the Service’s interaction with members of the public.

Members of the public are encouraged to express to the Board their views on important elements they would like to see in the Board’s new Public Order Policy, and suggest priorities the Board should establish for the Service and the Chief in this area.

The consultation is open to all members of the public, organizations, and community groups.

Submissions can be made in writing, or by audio or video recording.

Submissions will be accepted through our website at, or by mail.

Please note that all submissions made as part of the consultation will form part of the public record, and will be posted on the Board’s website as provided, with the submitter’s name.

Submissions will be accepted until August 30.

The Board Office will review all submissions and consider them in the development of a draft Public Order Policy, to be considered by the Board.  The item will be placed on a public Board agenda, in the regular course, with adequate public notice provided. 

The Toronto Police Service Board is the civilian body responsible for governing the Toronto Police Service. The Board is responsible for ensuring the provision of adequate and effective police services in the City of Toronto, setting priorities and objectives for the Toronto Police Service, approving the annual police budget and selecting the Chief of Police.

Contact:          Sandy Murray

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