Meeting Dates

The Toronto Police Services Board meets once per month on a Thursday, unless otherwise noted. Meetings begin at 1:00 P.M. and are held at Police Headquarters, 40 College Street, 2nd floor auditorium. Meetings are open to the public and to members of the police service.

The Police Services Board has approved the following meeting dates for 2018:

  • Thursday, January 18
  • Thursday, February 22
  • Thursday, March 22
  • Wednesday, April 18
  • Thursday, May 17
  • Thursday, June 21
  • Thursday, July 19
  • Thursday, August 23
  • Thursday, September 20    Rescheduled to Friday, September 28
  • Thursday, October 25
  • Thursday, November 22
  • Tuesday, December 18

The conduct of Board meetings is governed by a Procedural By-Law

Board meetings are LiveStreamed on the Service's YouTube Channel and can be accessed by clinking this link.

40 College St. Toronto, ON
Telephone: 416-808-8080 Fax: 416-808-8082

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