Making a Deputation

Any member of the public may, either on his or her own behalf or as a representative of an organization or group, may appear at any public meeting of the Board and make a deputation.

The guidelines for making a deputation can be found in the procedural by-law and are summarized below:

  • written notice to the Board Administrator no later than five working days prior to the next regularly scheduled Board meeting is required
  • this notice should be signed and contain an outline of your presentation
  • you should provide a written version of your deputation to the Board Administrator
  • presentations shall be limited to five minutes
  • a presentation on behalf of any organization or group may be made by more than a single representative however the entire submission on behalf of the group or organization shall be limited to five minutes
  • the time involved in answering questions from the Members shall not be included in the time limit for the presentation of submissions
  • your presentation will be videotaped as part of the regular Board meeting

Request To Make A Deputation

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