Police Board to meet Thursday May 17, 2018

TORONTO:  The next scheduled meeting of the Toronto Police Services Board will take place on Thursday May 17, 2018 at 1:00 PM in the Auditorium, 40 College Street.  Copies of the agenda are available on the Board’s website at www.tpsb.ca, from the Board office and limited copies will be available at the meeting.
The Board meeting may be viewed via LiveStream on YouTube using the following link:   
Those members of the public who would like to make a deputation to the Board regarding an item on the agenda should refer to the Notice for Making a Deputation at this link.

Items of interest include:
The Board will hear a presentation and consider a report from the Chief containing the 2017 Corporate Risk Management Annual Report.  This report contains information about public complaints, civil litigation, charges under the Police Services Act, use of force, Special Investigations Unit (SIU) and suspect apprehension pursuits.  The report also includes achievements by Service members as recognized through Service Awards.  The Annual Report for 2017 shows, among other things, a decrease of 44.1% of intentional firearm discharges, an increase in the number of public complaints, a decrease in the number of officers charged under the P.S.A, an increase in the number of Use of Force incidents and a decrease in the number of incidents in which the Special Investigations Unit invoked its mandate.  The report also recommends that the Board approve an amendment to compress this report, remove any data presented by other appropriate units, and reconfigure this report to capture more pertinent and trending information.
The Board will consider a report from the Chief recommending that the Board approve an expenditure not to exceed $6,500.00 from the Board’s Special Fund to cover expenses incurred for the expansion of 51 Division’s award-winning partnered street outreach program, The Walkabout, into 52, 14 and 55 Divisions.  The Walkabout is an initiative which began in 51 Division in 2016, which aims to develop relationships between the Service and the Aboriginal community.  Created with the help of a respected community leader as well as a local Aboriginal Elder, the program partners one or two uniformed police officers with Elders, engaging street-involved individuals along Yonge Street, its parallel laneways, alleyways and parks. This approach allows members of the Aboriginal community to see Elders working hand in hand with the Service for the common goal of community safety.
The Board will consider a report from the Chief with respect to the Toronto Police Service’s 2017 operating budget variance, recommending that the Board approve a revised 2018 net operating budget of $996.3M.  As the report states, as at March 31, 2018, the Service is projecting an unfavourable variance of $3.8M.  In particular, an unfavourable variance of $6.3M is projected in the premium pay category and the report notes that this pressure is mainly a result of the reduced staffing levels and recent high profile cases.  The report notes that expenditures and revenues will continue to be closely monitored throughout the year, and potential mitigating actions identified to assist the Service in coming in on budget by year end.
Contact:  Sandy Murray