Police Board to meet Thursday January 18, 2018

TORONTO:  The next scheduled meeting of the Toronto Police Services Board will take place on Thursday January 18, 2018 at 1:00 PM in the Auditorium, 40 College Street.  Copies of the agenda are available on the Board’s website at www.tpsb.ca, from the Board office and limited copies will be available at the meeting.

The Board meeting may be viewed via LiveStream on YouTube using the following link.

Those members of the public who would like to make a deputation to the Board regarding an item on the agenda should refer to the Notice for Making a Deputation at this link.

Items of interest include:

In accordance with section 28 of the Police Services Act, which provides that the Board is required to elect a Chair at its first meeting in each year, the Board members will elect a Chair of the Toronto Police Services Board.  The Board will also elect a Vice-Chair.

Deputy Chief Barbara McLean, Human Resources Command, will deliver a presentation to the Board with respect to a report from the Chief regarding the Toronto Police Service Core Values and Competency Framework.  As the report notes, its purpose is to showcase two initiatives within the Human Resources strategy that are foundational to the enablement of change and transformation within the Service.  The presentation will outline the core values refresh and new competency framework of the Service, the inclusive method in which they were developed (through the participation of both the members of the Service and the communities they serve), as well as how these core values and competencies will support the modernization efforts already underway.
The Board will consider a report from the Chief with respect to the site selection for a consolidated 54/55 Division facility. The report recommends that the Board endorse the selection of the Toronto Transit Commission’s Danforth Garage property, as the site for the new facility.  As the report notes, the consolidation of the two Divisions recognizes the need for a more modern, up-to-date and economical facility footprint, and enables the implementation of recommendation #16 - City-wide divisional boundaries and facilities realignment - in the Transformational Task Force’s The Way Forward Report.   The report states that the recommended site for the new district facility was selected based on extensive work undertaken by units of the Service, and the City of Toronto, in collaboration with the Toronto Transit Commission (T.T.C.).  As noted in the report, the selection process also engaged a third-party facilitation consultant who assisted with the preparation of a consultation plan and facilitated public meetings as well as on-line surveys to solicit input.

Contact:  Sandy Murray