Transformational Task Force Interim Report released, The Way Forward: Modernizing Community Safety in Toronto

June 16, 2016

Today, the Transformational Task Force (TTF) released its Interim Report entitled "The Way Forward: Modernizing Community Safety in Toronto."  The TTF is a joint initiative of the Toronto Police Services Board and the Toronto Police Service and is co-chaired by Chair Andy Pringle and Chief Mark Saunders.
The report goes far beyond any other review of the Toronto Police Service and is based on the insights and dedication of Service members and civic leaders, as well as initial conversations with stakeholders.

Its 24 recommendations touch on every aspect of the Service, including a new community-centred service-delivery model that refocuses efforts on core policing by ensuring Service members will be where the public needs them the most.

Recommendations also call for new investments in people and technology, the reconfiguration of Divisions across the city, and a stronger approach to the management of public funds, with budget savings and reductions over the next three years.
Task Force Co-Chair Andy Pringle said:  “We cannot meet new and growing policing needs with an old policing model and the implementation of the recommendations in this report will result in a modern, effective police service that makes the best use of existing resources while leveraging technology and data”.
With a focus on changing the culture of policing and rebuilding public trust, a modernized Toronto Police Service will deliver more effective and efficient policing than ever before.

To view the report, and to learn more about the Transformational Task Force, please click here.   The Interim Report can also be viewed here.