Police Board to meet Thursday December 14, 2017

TORONTO:  The next scheduled meeting of the Toronto Police Services Board will take place on Thursday December 14, 2017 at 1:00 PM in the Auditorium, 40 College Street.  Copies of the agenda are available on the Board’s website at www.tpsb.ca, from the Board office and limited copies will be available at the meeting.

The Board meeting may be viewed via LiveStream on YouTube using the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNA6sS514hc.

Those members of the public who would like to make a deputation to the Board regarding an item on the agenda should refer to the Notice for Making a Deputation at this link.

Items of interest include:

The Board will hear a presentation and consider a report regarding The Way Forward Third Quarterly Implementation Update.  The final Transformational Task Force (T.T.F.) report was approved by the Board at its February 2017 meeting.  In its final report, entitled The Way Forward (T.W.F.), the T.T.F. described an action plan that defines the path to excellence for the Service in a series of modernization initiatives outlined in the business plan.  As part of its active accountability for modernization, it includes a commitment to quarterly reporting to the Board; this is the third of these reports.  As the report notes, the Service continues to make progress implementing the recommendations contained in the business plan, with a focus on analysis, implementation planning and documentation.   As the report states, as the projects mature, the emphasis is shifting to increased stakeholder engagement.  The report includes information regarding the implementation of each of the recommendations.

The Board will consider a report from the Chair with respect to the implementation of the recommendations directed to the Board made by the jury in the inquest into the death of Andrew Loku.   The recommendations relate to the Board’s Mental Health Sub-Committee, the establishment of a new committee focused on issues of race, and the creation of a pilot project in 14 and 51 Divisions, as well as a standing committee to oversee this pilot project.  In the report, the Chair indicates that the Board is in agreement with all three recommendations made at the inquest which have been directed to the Board, and provides details as to their implementation.

The Board will consider a report from the Chair with respect to the School Resource Officer (SRO) program.  The report recommends that as the Toronto District School Board has recently voted to discontinue delivery of the SRO program in its schools, that the Ryerson study approved by the Board be discontinued and the approved expenditure cancelled.  The report also recommends that the Chief of Police, in consultation with the Toronto Police Services Board, undertake discussions with the Toronto District School Board, the Toronto District Catholic School Board and other relevant stakeholders as to the best manner in which a safe, welcoming and inclusive culture can be achieved and the appropriate role, if any for the Toronto Police Service in achieving that objective.

The Board will consider a report from the Chair which provides a review of Bill 175, the Safer Ontario Act, 2017, and sets out proposed changes which may affect, or be of particular interest, to the Board.  As the report notes, this includes changes in terminology, a focus on diversity, an obligation on the Board to prepare a Strategic Plan and to consider the City’s Community Safety and Well-Being Plan, the creation of a new Inspector General position, new provisions dealing with police officers and special constables, provisions dealing with reporting professional conduct and a discussion of issues regarding discipline, including circumstances under which it may be possible to suspend an officer without pay.  As the report notes, it is anticipated that the Standing Committee on Social Justice Policy will provide a schedule for consideration of the Bill shortly.

Contact:  Sandy Murray